Scottish Highland Wedding Piper

What is Piper On Parade About?

In a nutshell Piper on Parade is about providing an excellent, friendly and professional bespoke service to bridal couples.

The wedding piper is but one of a number of services available for bridal couples. The service may be described as one of the historical or original services requested. It sits alongside the photographer, florist, wedding cake and limousine providers, however to remain relevant in today’s age the wedding piper must be ready to compete for his part of the bridal budget, and that competition is greater than ever when you consider the more recent or modern providers in the market i.e. sweet trolleys, wishing wells, post boxes, antique dish wear etc. The question I ask myself is “which providers will the happy couple prioritise”? The wedding piper must be ready to compete, and to my mind Piper on Parade should and must be right up there, and the only way to ensure that is by providing an excellent, friendly and professional bespoke service, which is ultimately viewed as value for money.

Scottish Highland Wedding PiperI feel to some degree the Piper for too long has been a victim of his general caricature, being viewed through “rose tinted” spectacles when he may have been expected to turn up a little worse for wear, not particularly smart, but wearing a kilt, (arguably worn at Culloden by some previous family generation!), and he plays the part of the cheeky chappy / court jester!

His dress, his music and his lack of professional service doesn’t therefore really matter, as it’s justified by “oh well as long as the guests have a laugh its fine”.  I feel we must ensure those days are long gone, and that’s where Piper on Parade is raising the bar.

I believe the wedding Piper must provide an overall memorable service (for all the right reasons!) and that must include immaculate dress, provide excellent musicality and offer a friendly and bespoke personal service.

With much stress attached to wedding organisation in today’s market and with the competing demands on limited budgets, it is only but right that the Piper works for his money, therefore he must be friendly, relaxed, and professional in all aspects of organising the piping for the big day.

Piper on Parade not only offers to converse on the phone, by text , by email or by face book, but arranges to meet up with the couple prior to the big day and talk through their expectations. Some bridal parties don’t realise their own expectations or the possibilities until that friendly, relaxed discussion takes place. It is far better to discuss face to face.  I see it as my role to explain all the possibilities and impossibilities and wherever possible meet and exceed expectations. Of course the mere fact of meeting up starts a relationship which progresses throughout the weeks leading up to the big day when you make yourself available for advise, comment and thought. Come the day, there is that understanding and reassurance which only comes with familiarity and trust.

You can contact Dougie, the Piper On Parade, by email at or telephone on 01463 870 244 or 07515263 716. For more information visit the Piper On Parade website.

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  1. Having a piper at your wedding really creates a magical atmosphere and is a must if your wedding venue is an old Scottish castle and grand property.

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