10 Things To Do This Summer In The Cairngorms National Park

If you’ve been planning to visit the Cairngorms National Park this summer then, there is all likelihood that you’d be having deep thoughts about the activities that you’d undertake while on this trip. The Cairngorms is known as Britain’s pride and is considered to be a Mecca for outdoor lovers as it offers more than 100 outdoor activity options to its visitors. So in case you are still wondering about what things you can do while being in this amazing National Park, we’ll solve your dilemma by enlisting top 10 things that you must do while spending your summers in the Cairngorms.

1. Thrilling Mountain Biking

The Cairngorms National Park is the perfect mountain biking destination that is filled with challenging trails that promise you a wild and thrilling biking/cycling experience. Book yourself self catering in Aviemore in the Big Husky Lodge before heading for a tiresome biking expedition and come back to the home-like comforts at this lodge.

2. Water Sports

What can be a better season to indulge in thrilling water sports than summer and what can possibly be a better place to do this than Cairngorms? This National park hosts two famous water sport centres namely Loch Inch and Loch Morlich which means double benefits for the visitors. Indulge in amazing water activities like sailing, windsurfing, rafting, swimming and fishing etc.

3. Wildlife Spotting

A national park visit would certainly be incomplete without some wildlife watching and Cairngorms is an ideal place to do that. View the wild salmon from the dense green forests or plush blue rivers exactly how you prefer while being in Scotland.

4. Fishing

Your summer visit to the famous Cairngorms National Park has to include a visit to the serene River Spey. This river is not just beautiful but is the home to the world famous salmon and trout fish. Try your luck at some salmon catching while visiting the Cairngorms.

5. Cairngorm Brewery Visit

If by any chance you are curious to know how the world famous Scottish beer is made, you must plan a visit to the Cairngorm’s breweries. Located in the most amazing places, these breweries give you an insight of how quality beer is made.

6. Golf

Village Boat of Garten located near Cairngorm is the home to the most exquisite golf courses one can ever visit. So, in case you have the slightest of interest in this game, do plan a visit here.

7. Walking Solace

Cairngorms National Park has approximately 280 km of footpaths spread across the entire area, definitely a delight for all the people who love walking.

8. Treezone Aviemore

If you are looking forward to spend a family oriented day while being in the Cairngorms, you must visit the Treezone Aviemore. This place offers great adventures and fun activities for the kids and adults alike and gives great value for money.

9. Zipline and Aerial Adventures Park

Get a taste of thrill and adventure at the Zipline aerial adventures park in Aviemore. This offers numerous aerial activities for people of all age-groups.

10. For The Art Lovers

The Cairngorms and nearby places have a number of art galleries and museums, so don’t forget to visit the art centres whilst in the National Park.