10 Things To Do In Edinburgh in 1 Day

Ten Things To Do While In Edinburgh For A Day

If you find yourself staying at Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland  for only one day, don’t be too disappointed. There are plenty of things to do and see in this historic and lively city that will make your day a spectacular experience. Here are 10 things that you can do and see if you’re in Edinburgh for 1 day:

Princes Street EdinburghSunrise at Arthur’s Seat

If you arrive at night in Edinburgh, there’s no better way to watch the sun rise the next day than at the peak of Arthur’s Seat. This 251 meter high extinct volcano in the middle of Edinburgh offers panoramic views of the city, making it the perfect way to start your day. The simplest and easiest way to get to the top is to take a taxi then hike your way up to peak in just 30 minutes.

Breakfast at the Scottish Café and Restaurant

Located right beside The Scottish National Gallery, The Scottish Café and Restaurant offers the freshest Scottish produce from local growers and farmers. If you want to start your day with culture, grab some breakfast at this award-winning restaurant and explore the gallery for some Scottish history.

Spy on the City at the Camera Obscura and the World of Illusion

Established in the 1850’s, this museum is known worldwide for its system of mirrors that projects images of the city on a white disc in a small dark room. There are also telescopes on the rooftop that are powerful enough to give you superb views of people and places around the city.

Have Lunch at the Elephant House

Established in 1995, the Elephant House is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Located at the heart of Edinburgh, it is one of the best tea and coffee houses in the city, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well. It was also made famous by J.K. Rowling, as it was here that she wrote some parts of the early Harry Potter books.

Wait for the 1pm Bell at Edinburgh Castle

The most iconic symbol of the city, Edinburgh Castle is the most dominant figure of the city’s skyline. Several museums can be explored in the castle, where every day, except Sundays, the 1pm bell is rang that is heard all over the city.

Take a Tour of Edinburgh Castle

There’s a huge amount to see and do in Edinburgh Castle but if you book in advance you can beat the queues to save time. There is a 1 hour tour which includes St Margaret’s Chapel, Lang Stairs. the Great Hall and the Panarama of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh CastleShop at the Royal Mile

The busiest tourist street in Edinburgh where you can shop for authentic Scottish wares in established and new stores along this mile-long street.

Have Dinner in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Michelin is the oldest and best known European hotel and restaurant reference guide that awards stars for excellence to only a select few. Edinburgh boasts 4 Michelin-starred restaurants – have a gastronomic feast at either Number One, Kitchin, Castle Terrace or at Restaurant Martin Wishart.

Enjoy Creepy Walking Tours

Any city that’s rich in history always has its own set of creepy and ghost-filled buildings and locations. Edinburgh has several ghost tours that give visitors a really unique tourist experience. The City of the Dead or Mary King’s Close are great walking tours that will definitely give you the creeps.

Have a Drink or Two at the Grass Market

Once the city has scared the wits out of you, it’s time to shake that dreadful fright out of your system. Head down to the Grassmarket where pubs and bars come alive at night, giving you a real taste of Edinburgh.

There’s literally something to do for every hour of your one-day stay at Edinburgh – all you need to do is get the most out of the city for a unforgettable day. You can find the best selection of Edinburgh accommodation on the Private House Stays website.