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Scotland’s Music Festivals

Scotland’s Music Festivals for the young and the young at heart.

Music in Scotland today goes way beyond the traditional bagpipe and folk music. The country actually holds several music festivals that present local and international music acts that range from classical musicians to pop and hip hop artists.

From January to December, a whole bevy of music festivals are hosted in Scotland, making it a complete musical paradise for music lovers and even for regular tourists. If you’re an avid music fanatic and a world traveller, why not hit two birds with one stone by visiting the wonders of Scotland and enjoy the many music festival at the same time.

From June to the end of July these three music festivals will cater to rock, electronic, pop, jazz, and blues enthusiasts.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Scotland  – literally

 The first festival that happens in early June, has been named the most beautiful festival in the world, rightly called so because of its magnificent location – the banks of Loch Ness, near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

RockNess At Dores By Loch NessCalled RockNess, it started in June of 2006 and has been held annually ever since, enjoying its 8th anniversary this year. The festival boasts an outstanding mix of music that ranges from local rock acts to international Indie and electronic musicians. For three entire days, over 30,000 spectators head to the beautiful Loch Ness and enjoy watching and listening to their favourite musicians from around the world. You can camp on site or stay in a range of accommodations that can be found in the villages nearby or in Inverness.

The second festival is considered to be the 5th largest music festival in the world. T in the Park is the most widely attended festival in Scotland, with more than 80,000 spectators everyday. Held over three days in July, this major Scottish music festival began in 1994 and enjoyed its 20th anniversary this year. Major world pop stars headlined this year, which included mega pop star Rihanna, rock band The Killers and world famous band Mumford and Sons. With seven music stages, stalls and shops, a large fun-fair and a huge camping area, this is the festival to attend for all music lovers in Scotland and its neighbouring countries.


For the more sophisticated crowd who don’t want to rough it out in the fields of the aforementioned music festivals, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival is perfect for jazz aficionados. If you’re attending the festival we recommend, the centrally located Edinburgh B&B, the Edinburgh Townhouse. Held annually during the 3rd week of July, this 10-day musical festival brings the capital city to a musical frenzy with street festivities, concerts and intimate music shows in pubs and bars.

Started in 1982, the festival prides itself on old school jazz musicians and contemporary jazz acts from around the world, bringing together some of the world’s best jazz and blues musicians all in one city. Big band orchestras, pub jam sessions and street concerts fill the air every night, making it literally impossible to see every act. A Mardi Gras parade opens the festivities, bringing New Orleans to Scottish tides with street dancing and celebration.

 Visit Scotland during these months and not only will you enjoy the rich culture, history and sights of this beautiful country, but you’ll also get to witness the best music in the world.

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The Skye Is The Limit

Sandwood Bay

Sandwood Bay

If you have heard about Scotland and chances are that you have, you may think it is a country where men wear skirts and play the bagpipes on top of the hills. The truth is pal that Scotland is indeed a unique country and even though it’s small you are spoilt for choice with things to do when visiting the highlands.

Did you know that there is a reason why Scotland does not look like anywhere else in Britain? Well, the reason for this, is that 200 million years ago it was a part of the continent of North America. The join is just about where Hadrian’s Wall is.

Due to the area’s amazing geology it has won the Unesco Geo-park status. The Geo-park stretches roughly from Ullapool to Durness and the landscape has been the inspiration of many that have travelled its 480 sq. miles of mountains, forest, coast and peatland. Of course, the many beaches offer plenty of sand.

Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without a story or two. So here’s a little story for you. This one particular story, is one that the locals are proud of and involves a community landmark that was immortalized by Hollywood. One executive enjoyed his holiday so much and was inspired by Ben Stack’s shapely peak to such extremes, that it inspired the logo of his company. Paramount Pictures’ now has an iconic, snow capped, pointed mountain that is encircled with stars.

Sango Bay

Sango Bay

Scotland’s furthest northern point, is the secluded Sango Bay. It is beautiful by night and by day. The best beach by far is Sandwood Bay which takes four miles to reach. It is considered by a lot of people to be the most stunning beach and has many hidden treasures. Sandwood Bay reveals itself at the crest of the hill. It’s golden sand reaches a mile long, with tall dunes. It is quite amazing that the beach looks as though it has been transplanted from the Caribbean. At the rear of the dunes are the ruins of a 19th century farmhouse named Sandwood Lodge. Unfortunately, nature attacked this building and ripped off its roof, left its windows open to the fiercest winds blowing from the sea and carpeted its floors with grass.

Over a decade it was nearly impossible to find superior, self catering places to stay in Scotland. There were abundant castles, if you fancied living like a laird and plenty of quaint stone cottages to rent, which provided a warm welcoming environment – although they were slightly old-fashioned and spartan.



Now across the islands and Highlands are stylish, new houses, plenty have eco credentials that are impeccable, to rent, with modern luxuries you could expect from a boutique hotel, yet without the ever-present staff. Currently opened is the Natural Retreats, John O’Groats. So don your coats, cause the highlands are known to be cold and windy. This comfortable, relaxed resort offers everything you could want at the most northern point of the British mainland.

There is literally so much to do and see wherever you may be, in the Scottish highlands. You may if you wish experience the bliss as you walk the cliffs to Dunnet Head and the sea stacks of Duncansby. Why not hire some bikes and explore the north coast? Enjoy a toast as you head back to your hotel. Drive to the Castle of Mey and enjoy your day as you tour the Old Pulteney and drive by the sea.

Visit Whitefalls Spa Lodges, Breasclete, Lewis and enjoy a treat or two. The pair of wooden, self built houses provide the utmost in luxury. Beautiful self catering lodges on the island of Lewis and furthermore, the only ones with spas. So don’t stop at home and moan, head to the Scottish highlands.

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