The Highlands Of Scotland For The Solo Female Traveller

The Scottish Highlands are arguably one of the best-kept secrets in terms of a truly unforgettable holiday excursion. From rugged mountain peaks to a sense of peace that can rarely be experienced in other portions of the world, this region can be the ideal getaway destination for solo travelling women. Let’s take a quick look at some of the sights to be witnessed as well as a handful of locations where it may be possible to meet a travel buddy along the way.

All About the Nature

The Scottish Highlands have always been associated with what can only be called an untamed personality. This unique flavour seems to emerge from every crag and precipice. Those who enjoy a bit of hiking will often claim that the region is the closest thing to paradise that they have ever experienced. In terms of sheer mountainous beauty, be sure to check out these locations:

  • The Caledonian Canal
  • The Storr
  • The Cairngorms
  • Ardnamurchan

Let us also not forget to mention that protected nature reserves such as Highland Wildlife Park can provide up-close-and-personal views of the picturesque flora and fauna that have come to define this region of Scotland.

More Than Highlands Alone

While there is no doubt that nature abounds here, it is just as important to mention that the Scottish Highlands are rich in history. Many solo travelling women will therefore take advantage of this aspect thanks to the ability to visit sites such as Armadale Castle, Eilean Donan Castle, Inverness Castle and Urquhart Castle. The majority of these locations provide guided tours that explain their significance and provide insight that might not otherwise be possible. 

Making Friends

Travelling alone has its share of benefits and yet, there can be times when you are looking to encounter other like-minded souls along your way. Meeting fellow travellers is actually much easier than you may think. First and foremost, Scotland is full of visitors during the height of the tourist season (generally between June and August). Cities such as Inverness can be great meeting places; particularly in the international bars located within the metropolitan centre. We should also point out that the Scottish Highlands are famous for Loch Ness. This is another excellent location to meet a few other like-minded trekkers along the way.

Other Tips and Suggestions

The Scottish Highlands occupy a space of over 78,000 square kilometres. Therefore, it is important to plan your itinerary well in advance of the intended departure date. If you are looking to avoid potentially inclement weather (as well as to meet a travel buddy), try to book reservations during the late spring or early summer. The other option is to employ the use of an all-inclusive travel agency. The chances are high that you will be able to encounter others with similar interests along the way. The Scottish Highlands offer a truly amazing experience and travelling solo can provide unforgettable memories.