Moray Firth Swans

Swan Family In The Moray Firth

Moray Firth Swans

Two of our Moray Firth swans have been passing by the Beach Cottage garden with the tides for the past few days but they’re no longer with the group or on their own – they have four children and the not so little youngsters are looking very smart with grey feathers.

Moray Firth SwansYesterday I went down onto the beach with some bread and having been fed by me a few times in the past the two adults showed no fear. With family following behind they didn’t hesitate to walk out of the sea and come right up to me to get their meal.

Moray Firth SwansNot having been that close to young swans before I was surprised by their high pitched chirping and it was a stark

Moray Firth Swanscontrast to the growls made by the parents who clearly thought I wasn’t handing them the food quickly enough. It wasn’t long before the bread was gone but the swans stayed with me, comfortable in my company, occasionally stretching their wings. One of the youngsters raised its wings giving me a clear view of the undersides almost showing off the white feathers that some day soon will cover their whole body.

Earlier today whilst walking Branston I saw the family floating by as the tide came in. High tide is 14:45 today so I’ll keep an eye out as the tide goes back out to see if they pop by for dinner again today.

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