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Best Places To Visit In St. Andrews With Kids

Travelling with Kids? Best Places to Visit in St. Andrews

St. Andrews is a famous family destination because of its wide range of attractions that appeal to people of all ages. Moreover, there are kid-friendly attractions throughout St. Andrews, which are perfect for tourists who are planning to bring along their kids during the trip. Whether you plan to celebrate your holiday in the outdoors, an entertainment centre or other remarkable destinations, you can be sure to have an amazing time as you visit these popular destinations and activities for children.


St. Andrews CastleIf you want to give your child an educational trip while giving them a memorable experience, then the museum is the perfect destination to visit. During school breaks, some of the St. Andrews Museums also feature additional activities that add to your child’s excitement and learning while touring around these places of attraction.

Swimming Pools

Kids love spending quality time at the pool where they can have fun in the water with other children. In St. Andrews, you can find several swimming pools where you can bring your kids such as the East Sands Leisure Centre. It features plenty of attractions for kids such as inflatable slides, large flume and a few other amenities that your children will love. 


Give your kids a chance to just relax and enjoy a great movie along with the whole family. The New Picture House Cinema is a great option when your kids are up for a nice movie during their school break. The cinema features plenty of age-appropriate films that will not only entertain, but also teach valuable lessons.


Kids often dream of walking around a real-life enchanted castle just like the one they have read about in story books. If you want to surprise your children and let them experience what it’s like to be face to face with a real castle, then make sure you visit the St. Andrew’s Castle that houses long and mysterious tunnels, a lovely drawbridge and an actual dungeon that your kids can explore. Older kids may also want to explore the St. Rule’s Tower, although adult supervision is highly recommended.

Water Activities

For active kids who enjoy water sports, then you should take them to popular places in town that cater to their needs. Famous choices of places that offer exciting water sports activities include the East Neuk, Blown Away and Elie Water Sports. Here, older children or teens can mingle with other kids their age as they have fun.


Young kids are crazy about marine creatures such as fish and seals. So, if your child is passionate about water creatures, then you should take them to the St. Andrews Aquarium for a wonderful time.


Let your kids appreciate the beauty of nature by bringing them to some of St. Andrews’ popular parks and playgrounds including Cockshaugh Park and East Sands. In addition, you can take your children to the Botanic Garden, which is only a short distance from St. Andrews. Allow your kids to explore and experience the wonders of nature as they check out one of the garden’s glasshouses that have been turned into a learning center.


Everyone loves to spend some time at the beach, particularly fine beaches in St. Andrews. In fact, you can choose from two amazing beaches in town such as the Seaside and Blue Flag. These are the best places to go for building sandcastles, swimming or strolling that any kid will enjoy.

So, have a blast during your trip with your kids and be sure to take them to these fine places and  experiences during your trip to St. Andrews. There is a great choice of bed and breakfast accommodation in St. Andrews which can be booked via the Private House Stays website.          

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Popular Beaches Close To Inverness

Beautiful Beaches Near Inverness

Most people visit Inverness to have a load of its rich and fascinating culture and to rub elbows with its friendly locals. This bustling and vibrant city is situated at the peak of the Great Glen, which offers endless adventures and exciting places to visit for those who are looking for the thrill of a lifetime. However, if your main purpose for staying in the city is to go nature tripping and beach hopping, then you are in luck because close to Inverness there are some beautiful beaches that will make you fall in love with Inverness and the Highlands over and over. Read along and find out more about these gorgeous beaches that are worth a visit during your most-awaited travel to this enchanting Scottish city.

Nairn East Beach

Beach Near InvernessNairn is known for its two amazing beaches, although the East Beach is a more popular choice because it is much wilder and more exciting, particularly among those who are looking for some watery adventuress. The beautiful Nairn East Beach is backed by massive sand dunes and you can easily reach this spot by crossing the wooden footbridge. It is the perfect spot to just unwind, have a lively chat with friends at the cafe, or explore the entirety of this sensational beach.

Dornoch Beach

The beautiful beach of Dornoch stretches all the way to the south and into the quaint village of Embo, in the town’s northern portion. In addition, Dornoch has a colourful history, which may be mirrored by cathedrals and exciting facilities for people of all ages. The beach is situated in the eastern part of Sutherland and about 40 miles north of Inverness only an about an hour’s drive from your Inverness accommodation. Getting to the beach is not a problem and you can easily park your vehicle anywhere in the designated areas since parking is hardly an issue in this lovely beach.

 Applecross Beach

What’s amazing about this beach is its scenic views of the aquamarine seas fringing the shore, which makes it the perfect spot to unwind and be one with nature. The beach features a combination of smooth pebbles and sand and the waters are quite calm, so you can enjoy a delightful day swimming or kayaking. However, water sports may not be recommended when the climate gets very cold since there are no lifeguards around to look after the guests who are planning to explore the deep waters. If the weather permits, you may want to try sand sledging on one portion of the beach, as it boasts of sand dunes that reach as high as 70 feet.

Brora Beach

This is one of the loveliest beaches near to Inverness where you can find some seals, dolphins and minke whales swimming around the seas nearly everyday (when the weather is favourable, that is). There are also plenty of Jurassic rocks in this fine beach, which add to the overall appeal of this fantastic tourist attraction in the city. For those who are fond of swimming, the waters are quite ideal for most kinds of water sports, although it is better to stay away from the area surrounding the river because there are rock piles submerged in that area. Rock hounds may spot themselves smaller Jurassic rocks that they can add to their collection, although bigger rocks are more common in this area.

Experience the wonders that Inverness has to offer as you visit these breathtaking beaches that will surely soothe your senses and keep you stress-free.

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Romantic Accommodation On The Isle of Skye

Romantic Skye Accommodation

On the Isle of Skye, romance is certainly in the air, which makes this place an excellent spot to spend your honeymoon or anniversary.  So, if you are in search of the best hotels to celebrate that special day with your loved one, then these are some of the finest Skye accommodation options worth considering.

Viewfield House Hotel

Loch Coruisk Isle Of SkyeThis stunning hotel offers remarkable views of the Lock of Portree, among the other fascinating views in Skye. Aside from the impressive panorama of the surrounding areas, you will appreciate the exceptional service offered by the the staff, which makes it a fine choice of accommodation during your visit to this place. It is the perfect location for a honeymoon or other significant events because of the idyllic beauty in its interiors and the jaw-dropping landscape outdoors. The moment you set foot in the hotel, you will be impressed by the Victorian inspired interior where you can find interesting antique collections. For a cozy afternoon tea, you may head off to the parlor and have a drink in front of the lovely fireplace or while listening to the relaxing sounds from the grand piano. As for the bedrooms, you will be amazed by your extensive choices such as large rooms or smaller, yet cozy ones. If you feel the need to explore the rest of the area, you can always choose from a number of activities such as pony-trekking, hill walking, golfing, sailing and fishing, to name a few.

Duisdale House Hotel

Isle of Skye is famous for its breathtaking scenery and delectable dishes. If these two are what you look for, then what better way to enjoy your stay than to book a room at the Duisdale House Hotel. This is an elegant boutique hotel located on the island’s southern portion and brides to be will love be presented with their diamond engagement rings (www.diamondrocks.co.uk/Diamond+Engagement+Rings.htm). What’s truly enchanting about the hotel is its sophisticated decoration and chic interior. Each room exudes a contemporary theme, which overlooks the sea or Cuillins Skyegarden. These bedrooms are also equipped with essential facilities to enhance your stay such as flat-screen televisions, among several other items to enhance your stay. In addition, the hotel houses a relaxing heated hydro pool where you can relax and unwind after hours of strolling around various locations nearby the hotel.

Flodigarry Hotel and High Tide Restaurant

Another exceptional hotel that you should seriously consider to book for your honeymoon is the Flodigarry Hotel, which is famous for its proximity to the dramatic and historical views in the British Isles. This lovely hotel also offers you with great views of the renowned Quiraing Mountain, which is a remote location in the northeast portion of Skye. Moreover, the hotel is overlooking the fascinating Staffin Bay, which is referred to as one of the island’s most beautiful features. It is important to note, though, that this hotel is more than just great looks because it also offers the best dishes and quality customer service to enhance your experience during your visit. 

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Exciting All Year Round Events in Fort William

Popular Fort William Events

Fort William is not only famous for its great food, scenic views, friendly locals and great Fort William accommodation but it is also popular for its exciting events all-year-round. So, it does not matter what time of the year you plan to go to Fort William because there is always something interesting to do and experience there during your visit. You may either choose to be a spectator to these fun events or participate so as to have a more exciting time that you’ll never forget.

Ben Nevis and the Caledonian CanalThose who are interested in the arts should consider going to Fort William in March when the Mountain Festival occurs. For more than 5 days, you can experience the joy and excitement of learning more about the fascinating culture in Fort William. The Mountain Festival features a wide variety of exhibitions, presentations and films, which are mainly relevant to the West Highlands’ unique mountain culture. Taking part in this event can be both an educational and entertaining experience for foreigners and locals, at the same time.

Another great time to visit Fort William is in May where you can check out several Trials riders that have come to Fort William just to take part in the Scottish Trials that last for 6 days. Here, riders coming from several parts of the world go over to the renowned Lochaber every day, so they can ride up the burns and rivers and over Fort William’s rolling hills. It is an exciting activity that appeals to a number of people who are in search of great adventures and challenges to conquer.

If you come to Fort William in June, then you can witness the annual Lochaber Yacht Club Regatta. It is the time of the year where you can see a number of keelboats and dinghies participating in this most-awaited sailing event on the infamous Loch Linnhe. Anyone who is interested to join such as visiting yachts may sign up and become a part of the class racing intended specifically for tourists. You may also want to check out the Glencoe Boat Club that also have their own regatta yearly, which is held on Loch Leven. 

As for visitors who plan to go in July, they can expect another fascinating charity activity known as the Glen Nevis River Race initiated by the No Fuss Events. In addition, you may want to participate in the annual Lochaber Highland Games held at the end of July, which is an outdoors activity in Aird, located in the town center of Fort William.

Loch LevanAugust is famous for the annual Agricultural Show, which is an exciting event where you can witness some of the town’s finest crafts, artwork and livestock. This is also the time of the year to witness the Glenfinnan Gathering, which is basically a games event in the Highlands.

In September, you can find out more about the Ben Nevis Race, an athletic activity that is intended for runners (professionals or amateurs) who wish to race up and down Ben Nevis. It’s an exciting event where you can take part in the action and adrenaline rush as you aim to complete these challenges in about an hour.

Aside from these activities, you can check out other events that happen at various times of the year such as the Downhill Mountain Biking Competition which takes part on the Nevis Range. It offers spectators and participants several hours of drama, excitement and action. For those who plan to just be a spectator to this event, they may choose to ride the astounding mountain Gondola as they work down the other side of the tracks headed downhill. Winter months, on the other hand, is the perfect time for tourists and locals to attend various skiing events and gatherings.

Whenever you visit Fort William you are sure have plenty to see and do.

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