Popular Beaches Close To Inverness

Beautiful Beaches Near Inverness

Most people visit Inverness to have a load of its rich and fascinating culture and to rub elbows with its friendly locals. This bustling and vibrant city is situated at the peak of the Great Glen, which offers endless adventures and exciting places to visit for those who are looking for the thrill of a lifetime. However, if your main purpose for staying in the city is to go nature tripping and beach hopping, then you are in luck because close to Inverness there are some beautiful beaches that will make you fall in love with Inverness and the Highlands over and over. Read along and find out more about these gorgeous beaches that are worth a visit during your most-awaited travel to this enchanting Scottish city.

Nairn East Beach

Beach Near InvernessNairn is known for its two amazing beaches, although the East Beach is a more popular choice because it is much wilder and more exciting, particularly among those who are looking for some watery adventuress. The beautiful Nairn East Beach is backed by massive sand dunes and you can easily reach this spot by crossing the wooden footbridge. It is the perfect spot to just unwind, have a lively chat with friends at the cafe, or explore the entirety of this sensational beach.

Dornoch Beach

The beautiful beach of Dornoch stretches all the way to the south and into the quaint village of Embo, in the town’s northern portion. In addition, Dornoch has a colourful history, which may be mirrored by cathedrals and exciting facilities for people of all ages. The beach is situated in the eastern part of Sutherland and about 40 miles north of Inverness only an about an hour’s drive from your Inverness accommodation. Getting to the beach is not a problem and you can easily park your vehicle anywhere in the designated areas since parking is hardly an issue in this lovely beach.

 Applecross Beach

What’s amazing about this beach is its scenic views of the aquamarine seas fringing the shore, which makes it the perfect spot to unwind and be one with nature. The beach features a combination of smooth pebbles and sand and the waters are quite calm, so you can enjoy a delightful day swimming or kayaking. However, water sports may not be recommended when the climate gets very cold since there are no lifeguards around to look after the guests who are planning to explore the deep waters. If the weather permits, you may want to try sand sledging on one portion of the beach, as it boasts of sand dunes that reach as high as 70 feet.

Brora Beach

This is one of the loveliest beaches near to Inverness where you can find some seals, dolphins and minke whales swimming around the seas nearly everyday (when the weather is favourable, that is). There are also plenty of Jurassic rocks in this fine beach, which add to the overall appeal of this fantastic tourist attraction in the city. For those who are fond of swimming, the waters are quite ideal for most kinds of water sports, although it is better to stay away from the area surrounding the river because there are rock piles submerged in that area. Rock hounds may spot themselves smaller Jurassic rocks that they can add to their collection, although bigger rocks are more common in this area.

Experience the wonders that Inverness has to offer as you visit these breathtaking beaches that will surely soothe your senses and keep you stress-free.