The Top Four Haunted Castles in Scotland

Scotland’s Haunted Castles

It is without doubt that Scotland is one of the most haunted countries on earth. Its long and rich history has seen the country go through brutal wars, deadly plagues and political unrest spill over  hundreds of years. But the most distinct quality of Scotland is its many long standing castles that are being used today. With a vast number of quarters, stately rooms, massive ballrooms, secret vaults and passageways, Scottish castles are the perfect dwellings for ghosts and ghouls.

Here are some of Scotland’s creepiest and most haunted castles:

Airth Castle today is a hotel and spa. A fantastic place to stay in Falkirk, in the region of Stirlingshire. But be warned, it has its fair share of paranormal activity that both visitors and hotel staff have witnessed. Its most famous sighting is that of a nanny and two little children who supposedly died in a fire in the castle hundreds of years ago. Sounds of children laughing have been heard in the rooms and corridors, but when the staff checked the registers and rooms to see if any children were booked in to the hotel, there were actually none. Families who stay with children have also been reported to have a peaceful and pleasant stay in the hotel, as the nanny ghost is said to look after their little ones. With the castle’s stunning overlooking views of Airth and the River Forth, this castle blends a great weekend getaway with a possible encounter with some restless souls.

Castle Fraser

Castle Fraser

A well preserved v-storey tower building in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, Castle Fraser was built in the 1600 century, making it over 500 years old. It is open to tourists, events and even weddings, but is uninhabited by permanent dwellers, keeping the rooms of the castle dark and silent. However, visitors have reported hearing whispers, the sounds of children playing and laughing, piano music and even seeing images of a lady and other ghosts in its halls and rooms. A princess was allegedly murdered in her sleep in the Castle’s Green Room, and when she was dragged down the stone staircase, her blood left a long stain that was impossible to clean which forced the Castle staff to cover the stairs with wooden paneling as can be seen today. With a dark and tragic past, this castle is certainly one of Scotland’s creepiest places.

A renowned hotel today, the Dalhousie Castle in Bonnyrigg, Edinburgh, is more than 800 years old. This stunning and luxurious hotel is a favorite hotspot and destination for lovers and honeymooners around the world. But the castle has a dark past as well. Lady Catherine, a teenage love-struck resident of the castle, was forbidden by her parents to see her beloved. Heavily distraught, she locked herself up in the top most room of the castle and starved herself to her death. Many witnesses and reports from hotel guests and staff have seen her ghost roaming around the halls. Aside from being a high end hotel the place also holds ghost tours on a regular basis.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

An Edinburgh landmark, the Edinburgh Castle is a fortress that was built more than 800 years ago. Sitting high on top of an extinct volcano, it overlooks the capital city and is a popular tourist attraction for the many visitors that pass through the city’s streets. With most of Scotland’s hundreds of old castles, it is also highly known for being one of the creepiest places on the whole of Scotland. Home to the most haunted vaults in the world. The Castle’s underground dungeons were places of torture and punishment during its heyday. With a history of so much suffering and death, the castle will definitely raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

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