Moray Firth Dolphins At Beach Cottage B&B

The Dolphins are back!! Last night when I arrived home at the cottage I could hear the sound of splashing water and looking at the sea I saw two young dolphins chasing fish in the Moray Firth.

I managed to video them for a couple of minutes but unfortunately the quality is bad as it was done using my phone.

This morning from the dining room I spotted two more young dolphins (possibly the same two) passing by the garden. All four guests and myself went into the garden and watched them for about half an hour as they headed towards the Kessock Bridge before turning round and heading back towards Chanonry Point.

It appeared that the two youngsters were playing as well as feeding and frequently jumped and somersaulted out of the water. One of the guests who has a great camera managed to capture one of them spinning and if I can get a copy of it I’ll add it to this post.

We can all now look forward to frequent sightings and watching these beautiful creatures for the rest of summer.



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