Edinburgh’s List Of Quirky Shops

Strange And Quirky Shops In Edinburgh

Any visit or holiday to a capital city is never complete without a day or two of shopping. It is always an important part of a travel itinerary to buy a few things to bring home to a loved one or for yourself. These souvenirs are proof of your visits and a reminder of the memories and experiences that you enjoyed during your trip.

While Edinburgh boasts of shopping districts here and there, quite a number of strange and quirky shops line the streets of the Grass market area. Catering to similarly quirky locals and tourists. Mind you, some of these shops are mind boggling, so be prepared to be confused when you visit these one stop wonders. From fossils to clown make up, to 1600 books, Edinburgh offers a wide array of strange and unique shopping establishments. Head to these stores to buy the most interesting pieces that you will ever find and bring home something that will bring a smile or confusion to any one wacky enough to know you. If you’re saying at the Edinburgh Townhouse B&B Edinburgh these amazing shops are only a few minutes walk away.

Grassmarket EdinburghCadies and Witchery Tours

Scotland is a land that’s known for its mysteries, ghosts, and castles. Bring home a skull, dragon or even a fairy from the gift shop of Cadies and Witchery Tours. Of course, the merchandise are not real, but this oddball tour shop has been bringing Edinburgh’s tourists to the city’s creepiest and mysterious spots for years. Their range of gothic and fantasy inspired gifts are truly unique. All kinds of objects that represent the myths and legends of Scotland. 

The Old Town Bookshop

For the ultimate bookworm and book collector, the Old Town Bookshop is a haven for all of those who are in love with the Scottish culture and history. Specialising in books of Art and Architecture, Antiquarian and Scottish history they also carry books from 1650. They Also offer a wide range of contemporary books as well. For everything Scottish, create your own collection with their antique photographs, old world maps and rare books. 

Mr. Wood’s Fossils

Since 1987, Mr. Wood’s Fossils has been a trademark in the Grass market area. It is in this store that you can find meteorites, fossils, dinosaur teeth, minerals and even mammoth hair. All of which have been sourced from all over the world. For 25 years it is a shopping staple of Scotland, for anyone who wants something out of the ordinary. From budget friendly finds, to the ultimate collector  you can be sure that you will find a truly unique souvenir or gift in this small treasure trove.

A Ha Ha Ha

For things that will definitely bring a smile or a laugh to anyone’s face, the A Ha Ha Ha has become a landmark in the area, with its gigantic funny nose and black rimmed specs that hover over the shop’s front. This is the place wannabe witches and wizards should go for all things magic. By some it is considered a joke shop, complete with professional make up for costumes, magic tricks, prosthetics and many more but for all you Harry Potters, this is the place to stock up your cauldron. 


If jewelry is more your cup of tea, then Clarkson’s is a must-visit. Specialising in hand crafted Celtic and contemporary jewelry, this family-owned jewelry shop has been in business for 50 years. Own a truly unique piece of jewelry from this Edinburgh favorite. 

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