Unusual Places To Stay In Scotland

Four Unusual Places to Stay in Scotland

When visiting Scotland, or any country for that matter, choosing the most ideal place to stay is one of the most difficult choices that absolutely anyone has to make. There are hotels in the middle of the city for business travelers, far away lodges, resort hotels for lovers and cheap dormitories for the budget conscious backpackers. But for those who want their accommodation to already be a destination in itself, Scotland offers some of the most unique and unusual accommodation that you wont find anywhere else in the world.

Here are four of Scotland’s most unusual and even strange places to stay:

Sleeperzzz Railway Carriages

Sleeperzzz Railway Carriages

Sleeperzzz Railway Carriages

First on the list is Sleeperzzz Railway Carriages. Sleep in a train carriage without the dizzying movement and cramped conditions of an actual sleeper. Situated in the village of Rogart in the Scottish Highlands, unused railway carriages serve as guest rooms. Around 4 to 8 people can occupy the rooms that each have their own toilet, kitchen and lounge. Open from March to September every year, this is an ideal accommodation for backpackers, families and walkers that pass through the area.

Adventure In The Meadow

For the ultimate glamping (glamorous camping) experience, Adventure in the Meadow gives you a camping experience without the hassle and inconvenience of actual camping. Located in the estate of the Kirkhill Mansion in Edinburgh, just 20 minutes away from the city, it offers wooden tents or “Cocoon” cabins that give you privacy and security from the elements. You can step outside your “tent” and watch the sunrise over the hills, circle around a bonfire at night, cook barbeque in the outdoors, gaze upon the stars and even enjoy a bath in the outdoor hot tub.

Cove Park

An artists haven and community, Cove Park offers lodging to its yearly retreat participants. On regular days, it offers its rooms to the public. Steel shipping containers offer sleeping and cooking facilities with spectacular views of Loch Long and scenic hills on one side. Located in a 50 acre site just 60 minutes from Glasgow, a number of container rooms have slowly been added to the estate, each with sliding glass doors that blend with its natural surroundings. Each container also has a decked balcony where guests can relax and marvel in the beauty of the lake and its landscape all to themselves.

The Beer Moth

The Beer Moth

The Beer Moth

The strangest of them all, The Beer Moth is definitely an alternative resort that rivals no other. Not for the faint hearted, this converted 1956 fire truck is located in the Inshriach estate in the southern Highlands. The back of the truck actually serves as the guest room. A Victorian double bed, wood burning stove, a table and chairs make up the back of the truck, where guests and tourists have stays of up to six days. This is another glamping accommodation that’s perfect for those who want something out of the ordinary. The toilet and running water are available in the main house a short distance away, so no need to worry about totally roughing it.

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  1. Sleeperzzz Railway Carriages are ranked No.1 on TripAdvisor and received a Certificate of Excellence 2013.

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