The Best Places To Propose in Scotland

Where To Propose In Scotland

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

There is no arguing that Scotland boasts of having the most romantic places in the world. With lush countryside and fantastic fairy tale castles, Scotland is the perfect backdrop to a romantic “Happily Ever After.” Scotland is famous for its castles that offer breathtaking venues for weddings, but why not start the fantasy and honeymoon with the proposal? Your proposal is just as important and memorable as your wedding day, as this begins your commitment and dedication of love for each other. Here are some of the most amazing and romantic spots to propose in Scotland:

For the couple who loves the outdoors and adrenaline pumping adventures, trek Ben Nevis – Britain’s highest peak, and propose to your loved one on the summit. The closest thing to heaven in Scotland, literally, its spectacular views will take both of your breath away. Standing at 4,409 feet above sea level, there’s no way your partner will ever say no to you. Hike the mountain as a couple, but come down as fiances.

If you want to be in seclusion and isolation but don’t have the physical fitness to climb thousands of feet, then the Island Of Iona is the perfect spot for that unforgettable romantic proposal. Only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide, this tiny island, which is considered to be Scotland’s and one of the world’s most sacred places, gives couples the most private, secluded and intimate setting for a romantic proposal. Hire a small boat and paddle near to the shores on a clear, bright evening and pop your question under the glistening moonlight with thousands of stars lighting the dark curtain¬† of the sky.

Fort William & Ben Nevis

Fort William & Ben Nevis

For a place that served as the perfect muse to many Scottish poets and songwriters, allow the Loch Lomond to serve as the perfect backdrop to one of the most enchanting nights of your lives. Its stunning natural beauty will bring out your most romantic side, making it the perfect place to make that life changing decision. Waterfront lodges, luxury hotels, and secluded cottages are available in the area, giving you lots of options to spend a day or a weekend to prepare your proposal and celebrate your engagement.

Scotland is filled with villages and places that have significant and historical romantic meanings. World famous for being the wedding capital of the United Kingdom, Gretna Green has been the haven for romantic lovers for over 250 years. Follow the footsteps of the young and passionate couples who eloped and wedded in this legendary village. In the 18th century, a new law in England was passed which only allowed couples under the age of 21 to get married if they had parental consent. However, in Scotland, the minimum marrying age without parental consent was only 16, forcing teenage lovers to cross the border to seal their undying love for each other. Gretna Green is the nearest Scottish village on the border, making it the most ideal and accessible way to get married for its English neighbors. Today, it boasts of several establishments and facilities that offer wedding venues and services to the thousands of couples who seal the deal on Scottish shores.

A heartbreaking tale of love and loss make up the Sweetheart Abbey near Dumfries. A touching and remarkable tribute of undying love, the Abbey was built in the 13th century by Lady Devorgilla in honor of her beloved husband, John Balliol. Legend has it that she carried her deceased husband’s embalmed heart with her in an ivory and silver casket. Building churches and abbeys using her immense wealth, she dedicated such structures in honor and dedication of her love. It was in Sweetheart Abbey that she was buried, along with her husband’s heart in the altar of the Abbey. Though the abbey today has not been used for many years, its magnificent setting and structure is a romantic location for a private proposal, as it can also represent your love, faith, and dedication to your loved one.

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