The Amazing Beaches Of Scotland

Scotland’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Scottish BeachWhen you think of Scotland, you immediately imagine castles, mountains, countryside and glens. Very few people actually know that Scotland boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Though not the most swimmable or bikini-friendly, Scotland’s beaches are mostly unspoiled, with massive areas of sand that are isolated and peaceful, giving its visitors private and peaceful getaways.

Here are some of Scotland’s most amazing beaches:

Scotland is not really synonymous with surfing. There aren’t many surf dude and dudette hangouts in Britain, but one beach in Scotland has been a favourite for surf enthusiasts for a while now. Strathy Beach, on the north coast, twenty miles off Thurso, is highly popular with the surf crowd. This beach has seen its fair share of avid surfers, competitions and championships that attract wave hunters from all over the country and from its neighbouring shores.

With massive waves and scenic views of the cliffs on one side and the River Strathy on another, this is the perfect beach for active beach goers and water sports aficionados. Comparable to the glistening waters of the Caribbean, the azure green crystal clear waters of Luskentyre Beach on the Island of Harris, is an off the beaten track location that attracts visitors who want to revel in its magical waters. A remarkable and unspoiled beach area for those who want to bathe in the sun or have a picnic on its sand. With a real sense of isolation from civilization, this beach is perfect for couples and individuals who want to enjoy the natural scenery and breeze of the sea. On some occasions, wild ponies can be seen in the area, along with otters, seals and even dolphins.

West Coast BeachFor active individuals who want to enjoy a day of water sports, Achmelvic Beach, located in Lochinver, Highland, boasts waterskiing, windsurfing and kayaking activities that cater to sporty individuals. Aside from a wide array of water activities, nearby walks and climbs are easily accessible to add more action to your visit. A ruined old mill and a hidden cove are also great places to see and explore. After trying all the activities available, you can quietly spend the rest of your day relaxing on the white sandy shores, with its breathtaking views of the unspoiled coastline. In sunny weather, the water has a remarkable turquoise colour that can capture your heart. Accommodation like guest houses and bed and breakfasts are walking distance from the beach, as well as campsites for those who want to enjoy star gazing under the night sky while lying on the sandy beach.

Another beach that has slowly become a favourite among surfers is the Belhaven Beach. This award winning and extensive beach is part of the John Muir National Park, located in Lothian. One of the best and most visited attractions in Dunbar, it offers stunning views, golden sandy beaches enormous waves and is a great place to have a walk, picnic or sunbathe under the glistening sun.

For an easily accessible beach close to the capital of Edinburgh, Portobello Beach has a different and unique appeal. Perfect for urban dwellers who want to catch some rays on the weekend, this beach has a special seaside charm of its own. A promenade faces the sea, with its own food stalls and amusement offerings, it is the perfect place to swim, sunbathe and chill out with the relaxing sound of soft waves.