Fairy Glen – Rosemarkie

Fairy Glen – Rosemarkie

Millpond at Fairy GlenBranston (my Border Terrier) and I walked Fairy Glen for the first time yesterday and despite it being a bit damp and chilly we both thoroughly enjoyed it particularly Branston. It’s quite a simple walk of 3.75km through a wooded glen which took us less than hour although when you return back to the starting point you can carry on along the footbath all the way to the beach which we did. We walked along the beach towards Chanonry Point but turned back at the caravan park then returning to the car park which added another 3.75km to the walk.

Fairy Glen WaterfallTo get to Fairy Glen you travel through Rosemarkie on the A832 towards Cromarty. Go along the High Street and past Mill Road and the Plough Inn pub on the right. About 200 metres after the pub there is a car park on the right (Google Map). After parking start the walk which is to the right of the information board which gives information about the walk and the wildlife. You follow the path and bear right onto the smaller path which takes you to the edge of the stream.

Although it was raining very slightly we stayed dry as the walk is well covered by the canopy of the tree. You follow the footpath and eventually you reach a bridge made of wood and then along to a large pond which mirrored the surrounding scenery. Further along you cross over the water on Waterfall At Fairy Glenanother bridge and you then get to the first water fall which is Fairy Glen’s waterfall.

After the first falls you go up a wooden staircase and across an incline. This is the trickiest part of the walk especially as it was a bit muddy from the rain. A bit further on you get to the second waterfall which was beautiful. There is a path that goes further but this takes you up to the main road so we suggest you do what we did and return the way you have come and enjoy the walk from a different perspective.

A very relaxing walk in a pretty and peaceful location.

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